Friday, April 30, 2010

Rosaries, Prayer Books & Religious Medals

It's the time of year when Christians, Catholics in particular, celebrate post Easter rituals like first communion and confirmation.  And June is known as weddings month!  At Vintages we always have a nice selection of vintage religious items like rosaries, medals of saints and the Holy Family, prayer books and pocket shrines.  Below is a sampling of what is currently available.
Rosaries with beads of crystal, sterling silver, olive wood and molded glass.  We even have a few that have reliquaries included.
Rosary cases, holy water fonts, little plaques with holy pictures and ecclesiastical sayings.
Wonderful old miniature prayer books, first communion mementos, and a new testament bible from the early 1700s.
Religious medals, pocket crucifixes and shrines.  In addition, we have a large selection of crosses.


  1. I have a collection of rosary beads, and I like your featured beads here!

  2. There just seems to be something special about rosary beads and religious medals. Maybe it is that feeling of closeness, hope and belief that I still have from my Catholic upbringing. But I find these beads and images to be soothing. Thanks for sharing with us.


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